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Sears Point:  A Novel of Cape Cod

By Jim Coogan

Sears Point Cover

Sears Point is a story about dealing with change.  From the first decade of the 20th century, Washington Foster Sears witnesses the transformation of his Cape Cod town from the traditional rural life so common in small town American to the realities and challenges of today’s 21st century modern world.  More than just the history of a single Cape Cod town, Washy’s experiences of living in Brewster, the town of his birth as his community is transformed by things beyond his control are universal themes, connecting all those who have seen what change can do to a once familiar place as measured in the passage of a single lifetime.

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Product Details:
Price:  $12.95
For ages: Adult
Paperback:  234 pages
Published: 2016
ISBN#: 978-0-9893073-5-2
Dimensions:  5. X 8.5 X .47 inches